Perple Mudd, creating beautiful images and amazing designs by combining art with technology.

Delivering an Individual Touch

I have a foundation in fine arts and I have worked 22 years in the graphic design and photography cultivating not only my creative and technical skills, but also my soft skills.  I have designed many print and digital media projects. I approached every job with a clean slate in order to build a renewed, fresh style.


As a professional, I continually thrive in building and maintaining a high level of organizational skills in order to work on multiple projects.


Furthermore, I seek out the latest educational opportunities to refine my knowledge of relevant techniques and current software.


I will be delighted to further discuss how my expertise and experiences can be beneficial to support your design projects, photography, and business strategies.


...and a little about me!

About Perple Mudd...

Perple Mudd Graphic Design & Photography, LLC (PM) is a growing firm started by Audra L. Gray in 2005.  However, she has been designing and photographing for 22 years.  Since the beginning, the methodology of operations has been hands-on, personal customization.  Although PM has various set package investments, they regularly work with the client’s custom specifications to deliver more precise pricing.


Audra’s foundational background is in Fine Arts Painting.  After receiving her BFA, she started to work various graphic design jobs and work as a photographer apprentice with the renowned Jewel Christopher McNair, Civil Rights Photographer in the South.  Soon, Audra added Photography to the menu of services offered by PM.


After working four years, Audra matriculated back to school to obtain a Master’s in Business, focusing on Change Management.  With this new knowledge, Audra now mentor her design clients on matters concerning best business strategies and marketing.  Moreover, she uses her MBA knowledge to continually improve PM.


PM has worked with many global, national and local entities over the past 22 years, which includes, Jacuzzi, Bayer, National Trust for Historic Preservation NTHP, Terry’s Mortuary, Benson Group, LLC, Sojourn To The Past, City of Birmingham, Talladega County Board of Education & Schools, Talladega City Schools, Hand-In-Paw and many more.


Our Mission...

The goal is to do the work that causes clients and vendors to recognize Perple Mudd Graphic Design & Photography, LLC as one of the most creatively progressive design and photography firms in the industry.  Offering our customer premium design materials and creative photo experiences within our immediate geographical areas and market segments, potentially expanding globally.  Helping our design clients to standout and become leaders in their fields by providing impeccably creative graphics and web design.  Tailoring each photographic session to each individual, we will continue to provide our photography clients with expressive, artistic services that portrays and enhance their personal style. Overall we continuely strive to provide our range of clients with a creative thought process that builds better opportunities and stronger images.